A beautiful and traditional Middle Age Village. The Villa was an important place in the Castilian Middle Age life which was mentioned in numerous old traditional songs and popular stories.


Count Fernán González, his son Garci Fernández, his granddaughter Doña Urraca, brave opponents like Almanzor, Abd al-Rhaman III and many others, filled pages and pages of the Covarrubias Chronicles.

Covarrubias played a key role in the Reconquista and the foundation of Condado de Castilla.

Surrounded by the Arlanza River, has kept its physiognomy, limited by the river and the hills, as well as the traditional architecture, which is remarkable for the “adobe” (cooked mud and straw brick) construction among visible wood beams that provides a special beauty and strength. Moreover, dark colour dyed juniper wood used in the construction gives off a warm ambient and fantastic fragrances.

Among the most exceptional buildings we can find the Plaza Mayor with its numerous dwellings of great beauty, the strikingly well preserved Torreón de Dueña Urraca  (a medieval construction of great size), the village entry arch (jail arch), and many others are the main buildings of Covarrubias.

It is also worth mentiong the San Pedro de Arlanza Monastery located close by to Covarrubias, which is dated in the origins of Castilla and where the independence of Castilla from the León Kingdom was planned.