Santo Domingo de Silos, Lerma, Valle del Arlanza, Burgos, Atapuerca…

When you visit Covarrubias, you are not only enjoying a beautiful and traditional Castillian Village.

Covarrubias and the sorrounding areas allow you to make a brief historical tour to find out the wealth of medieval Castillian monuments.

This site also offers a break-taking view hence a visit here should not be missed

In such way, you could visit the Hermitage of Quintanilla de las Viñas, of visigoth architecture –3er century-, walk through archaeological remains such as Neolithic dolmens of Quintanalara and the ruins of Carazo Castells; this last was of great importance during the withdrawal of the Arabes.

Few kilometers away from Covarrubias, you could visit the locality of Santo Domingo de Silos and its impressive monastery. There, the monks will show you the building premises and an introduction to Gregorian chants.

It is also recommended to visit the Revenga Necropolis (Quintanar de la Sierra) and the Hacinas fossilized trees.

With regard to natural environment, we can mention Ura. It is a little and beautiful place whose river “Mataviejas” forms a valley of special value in terms of ecology. Other wonderful surrounding is the Yecla gorge; this is located near from Silos and it may be covered on foot for around 15 minutes. You could also visit the Arlanza river course, frequently edge with many rocky cliffs. During the rainy season, the river gets a striking orange color.